Freelance Cinematographer

Whether you need a cinematographer for a small project or a large-scale movie, I have the experience and creative eye you need to make an impact. As a professional Steadicam operator and freelance cinematographer, my qualifications include:

  • Experience as a Rental Manager at Rhino Studios, servicing the filmmaking industry with:
    • Cinema camera packages
    • Lighting packages
    • Professional lenses
    • Concept consultation
    • Idea to pre-visualization
    • Location scouting
    • Creating shot-list
    • Purchasing and renting audio/visual/lighting equipment
    • Contracting crew
    • Negotiating rates
    • Scheduling shoot days
    • Composing scenes
    • Operating cameras and lights on shoot days
    • Overseeing the delivery of the final product
  • Experience as an independent Camera Specialist and media production professional
    • Warning Shot (2017)
    • Apollyon (2017)
    • American Lions (2016)
    • Smothered by Mothers (2017)
    • Villa Paraiso (2014)
    • Music videos with talents like Pitbull, Camila Capello, Ludacris, Marc Anthony, DJ Khaled, Maluma, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and many more. 

In my time as a professional Steadicam operator and freelance cinematographer, I have used my expertise in projects with prominent artists, various studios, and a multitude of agencies, production companies, and more. Put my experience with cameras, framing, and lighting, to work for your project.

You can view my portfolio of gorgeously crisp and artistic past projects any time to gain inspiration and learn more about my style. Feel free to view my resume on IMDb and watch some of my work on Vimeo. You can contact me at any time regarding any questions you may have or to discuss ideas for your next project.