Professional Camera Gear

As an expert cinematographer, I use only the highest-quality professional camera gear and Steadicam stabilizer equipment to bring your project to life. I’m certified in Gates Underwater Camera Housing and Steadicam camera stabilizing mounts to acquire the perfect shot. Some of the professional camera gear that I work with include:

  • RED Epic-X 5K cinema package
    • This package allows for large format distribution, superior high-resolution images, out-of-this-world stills, and motion picture workflows
      • Zoom and Prime lenses (PL and EF)
      • Matte box, filters, rods, follow focus, batteries, tripod head, standard and baby legs
  • Steadicam stabilizer equipment:
    • This enables me to shoot tracking shots that are smooth as velvet
      • GPI Pro vest
      • Proline Steadicam sled
      • Tiffen Steadicam Master Series arm (75lb max)
      • Walter Klassen Vehicle hard mount
      • Panasonic 9" BT-LH910G LCD monitor
      • Anton Bauer Hytron 140 batteries
      • Anton Bauer Dionic 90 HC batteries
  • LED lighting package
    • Quasar 4' and 2' T8 bulbs
    • Manfrotto Lightpanels
  • Tungsten lighting package
    • PARS, fresnels, Source 4, china ball
    • Flags, rags, bags, stands

As a hardworking, organized, and dependable media production professional I’m the best choice for your filming needs. You can view my portfolio of past works online at any time. If you’re interested in discussing your ideas with me or if you have any questions, contact me online or over the phone.